Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pilgrim's Progress

Hi everyone. I've been listening to Kris Kristofferson alot lately - what a prophet! Anyway, here's a song that seems to capture the essence of some of our own musings. It's simple, but true:

Am I young enough to believe in revolution
Am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray
And am I high enough on the chain of evolution
To respect myself and my brother and my sister
And perfect myself in my own peculiar way

I get lazy and forget my obligations
I'd go crazy if I paid attention all the time
And I want justice but I'll settle for some mercy
On this Holy Road through the Universal Mind


I got lucky I got everything I wanted
I got happy there was nothin' else to do
And I'd be crazy not to wonder if I'm worthy
Of the part I play in this dream that's comin' true



Chuck F. said...

Thanks Mike. Maybe it should be our theme song, sung at every meal. It says most of it if not all of it.

Mike said...

Not a bad suggestion, Chuck. However, I still think Jeanette's & Nathan's song is better! Maybe one of them would post the lyrics?