Friday, December 12, 2008


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And there were reindeer herders in the hills, And low pixies in the sky dropped magic corn kernels which the reindeer ate because face it they were in the desert a kernel of corn was much better than manna, suddenly reindeer were able to fly. Now the herders had been drinking pretty heavily so at first they thought they had just gotten another bad batch of Joshiah's infamous clay vessel Gin and were seeing things, but then the reindeer landed and the pixies told the herders to climb aboard and ride them down to the village to visit the local free stalls. The ride, flight, caused enough vertigo and nausea that by the time they landed the herders were almost sober. So they cleaned up and visited the stalls, found Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Most of the rest of story you know from here. The three wise men from the east, Abominable, Santa and Frosty. The three of them and most of the herders hit it off quite well and hung out for quite a while getting to know the whole holy family. Then Jack "the scrooge" Frost-Herod, got jealous and you know the things he did, just a horrible man, but the whole party flew the reindeer down to Egypt to save baby Jesus and his parents. That kind of sobered up the party and thinking it was best they split up for all of their safety. Some went north, some went east, a lot of them went west, in fact those who were the most vocal story tellers and marketing geniuses are the ones that went west.
So you see, that's why the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a religious story. Its a story of redemption of the misfits and the learning of Grace for the occupants of Santa's villiage. Forgiveness of the bumble (they called him Abominable because the original Abo was a big guy with lots of hair), and of course they learned that if you are good enough, and have a bright enough nose you can get through any storm.
Goes to show....