Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to Create a New Post

    • Log in with your email address and password.
    • Click on “New Post” on the upper right.

    • Enter a title in the “Title” bar.
    • Click in the big white box below and start entering the text of your post.
    • To upload a picture, click on the picture icon (3rd icon from the right in editing strip above white box). Follow the buttons on the screen to browse your hard drive for the picture.It’s better if you don’t load a 3MB picture, shrink it with Picasa (photo software from Google – oh, maybe that needs it’s own tutorial…). Decide they layout of the photo (none, left, right, center). I usually leave it as none.Choose image size – medium is good. Then click orange “Upload Image” box. Wait until the image uploads. You’ll see it in a pop up window. Click “Done.”
    • Videos are too advanced for you. Venture there at your own risk (2nd icon from the right in editing strip above white box).
    • When finished, click “Publish Post” orange box on bottom left.
    • Admire your post by clicking on "View Blog."

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Mike said...

...and on the 8th day, God surveyed his creation and marveled at all the new things the little dustlings went about doing to keep themselves busy. But it quickly became evident that these creatures had no clue how to do anything in a proper fashion and thus God created engineers. They immediately strapped sticks together and began sliding them back and forth wildly, gabbering excitedly with one another, making charts and writing instruction manuals. And God saw that it was good.